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Meet Dr. Sabine Elisee

Dr. Sabine Elisee, Physician, Speaker and Amazon Bestselling Author is “South Florida’s Favorite Holistic Family Physician”. Dr. Elisee is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, the CEO and cofounder of Cornerstone Medical Group Inc. in Coral Springs, FL. With degrees from the University of Florida and the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine her biggest passions are providing people with tools to make informed choices about their health and helping them connect the fragmented pieces of their lives to enjoy wholeness. Dr. Elisee has a Restorative Holistic approach to patient care that focuses on the Total Body addressing Physical Spiritual and Cognitive Health not simply the illness or its symptoms. She is an expert in teaching, encouraging, supporting and designing treatment plan for her patients that are practical and compliable.  Dr. Sabine Elisee was honored with the Life Savings Citizens Award by the City of Davie Fire Rescue for immediate and successful CPR after saving a man’s life who went into cardiac arrest at her local gym.

Sought-after speaker at conventions, colleges and churches, Dr. Elisee has provided interactive informative lectures at the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association Physician Conference and to the medical students of the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Elisee is often called upon by radio outlets such as Moody Radio, a national broadcasting station to provide medical insight and strategies on improving total health.

Dr. Sabine Elisee is the author of The Healthy Whole Rx, a solution and prescription to the brokenness that is often hidden in the heart of man. Her years of experience as a Physician has influenced The Healthy Whole Rx, a guide to realign and connect Physical, Spiritual and Cognitive Health to achieve well-being and wholeness.

Just above her joy of medicine is her love and priority to be a wife to her husband and mother to her three boys. She enjoys playing basketball, going to the theater, sitting on the sand at the beach, spending time with family and praying.

The Healthy Whole Rx

About the Book

What comes to mind when you think of health?

Perhaps you think of not being sick or of being in good physical shape. These ideas make up a very narrow definition of health. Health is not just the absence of disease; it’s the presence of overall well-being.

Too often, people are living fragmented lives, giving a disproportionate amount of attention to one area of their lives, frequently to the neglect of others. In The Healthy Whole Rx, Dr. Sabine Elisee illustrates that true well-being cannot be achieved from such fragmentation—instead, it is comprised of Physical health, Spiritual health, and Cognitive health. These three prongs of well-being are all interdependent, and it is only through giving equal attention to each of these types of health that we can find wholeness in our lives.

The Healthy Whole Rx prescribes different regimens for each of these types of health and includes reflection questions to hold yourself accountable. If you’re tired of living a fragmented life and are ready for change, this book is just what you need.

“I came in Dr. Elisee’s office expecting to get a general physical exam, but I left feeling as if I just met with an amazing therapist. She put my mind at ease on many of the concerns that I had in regards to my health. My health is in the hands of someone who truly cares about her patients.”

Cassandra D.

“The mixture of science and holistic health is why I will be coming back!”

Rev Kev


“My experience was truly wonderful! I never left a doctor’s office saying “I had a great time” until now. Interacting with Dr. Elisee is like talking to a super smart and funny friend. All of my concerns were addressed, I felt like I was listened to and understood.”

Nora P.

“Dr. Elisee helps me understand the importance of spiritual, cognitive and physical health. She provides me with the tools to enhance the quality of life in all three areas.”

Marc E.

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Many people leave the Doctors office confused, frustrated and feeling helpless believing that a good Doctors office is out of reach. Here at Cornerstone Medical Group we collaborate with our patients, placing you in driver’s seat while we provide the road map to Wholeness in Your Health through Prevention, Wellness and Disease Treatment.

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