The Healthy Whole Rx

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4 reviews for The Healthy Whole Rx

  1. Gulson Tyson Vildor

    I love Dr. Sabine Elisee Physical , Spiritual and health connection.

    • drsabinedomph (verified owner)

      ☺️ thanks Gulson we have to be very intentional about keeping it all connected

  2. Jean R.

    This book is a MUST-READ especially during this lock down.
    Doing what Dr. Sabine Elisee say in the book & Now Enjoying life and seeing the results thanks Dr. Sabine

    • drsabinedomph (verified owner)

      Thank you Jean so happy to hear the book is helping you. As you have read in the book it is the Rx I follow personally!

  3. Sariane Louis

    This book was such a great read! It helped me to realize how to truly begin to care for myself without leaving any portion of me behind. Best of all, the book REQUIRES your participation which helps you to begin taking care of yourself from chapter 1. Thank you so much Dr. Sabine for this book. It truly helped me in this time when I needed it the most.

    • drsabinedomph (verified owner)

      Yeah Sariane, my pleasure! Yes the application is so important I am glad you are finding great use of this in the book!

  4. Deborah Richelieu

    The Healthy Whole Rx is the resource that is missing in the conversation of health. This brings all aspects together: physical, spiritual and cognitive. Thank you for sharing this gift to the world.

    • drsabinedomph (verified owner)

      Hi Deborah so happy to hear The Healthy Whole Rx is helping you bring all the aspects together #winning

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